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Collecting Tickets

You will be able to collect your tickets from Morston Quay, which is where our boats depart from.
All our boats are white and blue and our staff will also be wearing blue. Look out for our signage on the quayside.
You pay for your tickets when you collect them on the day of your boat trip. At this current time we do not take credit cards but we're working on it, so please bring cash.

About John Bean Boat Trips

"Eales & Beans"
est. in 1938

Trip & Kitch Bean and Ted Eales began ferrying passengers to and from Blakeney point as seals were not a tourist attraction.

Trip Bean sat outside house
Trip Bean
Kitch Bean operating a boat
Kitch Bean

Trip Bean (W.J.B) had two sons who Joined the business as they left school.

Kitch & John Bean out on a boat
Kitch & John Bean in the 1950's
John & Graham Bean steering a boat at Blakeney point
John & Graham Bean

At some point prior to this the business changed to just Beans Boat trips.
Graham Bean started running his boats from Blakeney Quay while John Bean and Kitch Bean continues to run from Morston Quay.
It was in 1978 that the Johns trips began to change as the seals were added to the protected species list. John and Kitch began to adapt the trips into seal watching and making it into how we operate today.


John’s son Steven joins the business after serving in the army. The third generation of Bean’s.

Steven Bean providing entertaining commentary to customers
Steven Bean

Steven’s son Josh joins the family business after leaving education.The fourth Generation of Bean’s.

Josh Bean steering boat at Blakeney Point
Josh Bean

The business is now currently being run by Josh & his family. Working alongside them are Josh’s wife Dacious and the fifth generation Lilly, Molly, Charlie, Lola, Archie and Peggy helping together.

Family run boat trip services

We welcome dogs on our boats

Over 80 years experience

Educational & entertaining commentary

John Bean Boat Trip Services

A variety of services are offered by John Bean Boat Trips. Our primary service is the daily seal trip from Morston Quay. We also offer charters for special events such as stag and hen parties, educational school trips, ash scatterings, and TV media and photographer trips.